The health and happiness of our pupils is founded in the pastoral care of the Boarding Houses. As well as benefitting from the care of Housemistresses, Housemasters and Matron, pupils regularly meet with their tutors to discuss progress. Tutors work closely with the rest of the house team and with parents to ensure the physical and emotional wellbeing of their tutees.

Alongside the Houses, the Medical Centre with trained permanent staff and daily clinics with the College Doctor and colleagues from the local practice look after the pupils’ health.

Great emphasis is placed on mental health with a retained psychologist, qualified counsellors and independent listeners available for consultation. Staff are trained in mental health first aid and we pride ourselves on being a ‘talking school’ where people can feel comfortable expressing their emotions.

The Chapel is integral to the life and ethos of the College. An Anglian Chaplain who presides at our services and leads the pupils in prayer and discussions of faith, leads the spiritual life of the College. The Chaplain also provides positive support for people of other denominations and faiths and is a key part of the pastoral team, ministering to all members of the College community, and sometimes to their families.

Wellbeing in the curriculum

Wellbeing in the curriculum is taught via one 40 minute lesson per week in the Lower School (Years 9-11) and is supplemented with a programme of enrichment talks and workshops. The aim of the Programme is to equip our pupils with the skills to make informed choices about their health and wellbeing.

As well as elements of health education and citizenship, the course covers moral and social issues including sex education, peer pressure and drugs and alcohol. To enable our pupils to develop resilience and strategies to cope with the world today, the curriculum also explores emotional intelligence, e-safety, mental health, exam anxiety and relaxation techniques.

Through the programme, our pupils learn about themselves and others as they take increasing responsibility for their own lives, their choices and their wellbeing. Simultaneously, we help them to become more aware of the views, needs and rights of people of all ages.

Safeguarding Leads

Designated Safeguarding Lead:
Sarah Davies BA, Deputy Head (Pastoral)

Deputy Designated Safeguarding Leads:
Kevin Collins MA, Second Master
Stuart Williams MA

For full details of the College's Child Protection and Anti-Bullying Polices, see our Policies page.