About Us

The Bradfield Foundation is a registered charity (No. 900457) works for the benefit and development of the College. Since the launch of the Foundation in 1990, donations have been received from more than 1,900 supporters, including Old Bradfieldians, parents and a wide miscellany of other friends of Bradfield. The Foundation co-operates closely with the College and has supplemented its resources in a considerable number of projects.

In 2010 the Foundation celebrated its 20th Anniversary.

The First 20 Years | PDF

The projects supported by the Foundation to date include the Sports Complex (1994), Garrett Library (1996), Golf Course (1998), Tennis Centre (2000), School of Music (2004), the second All Weather Pitch (2008), Big School (2009), the Pit Scoreboard and Pavilion extension (2010), the Blackburn Science Centre (2010),  the Greek Theatre (2014), and most recently The Stunt Pavilion (2014).