Meet our pupils

Find out from two of our scholars about why they chose Bradfield, what they have to say about life at the College and their plans for the future.

Olivia Lee-Smith (M) - Upper Sixth (Year 13)

What was it about Bradfield that stood out when you were choosing a school?

There was something special about the grounds. I could see myself doing all the things that I loved in Bradfield's amazing facilities; the hockey pitch, the cricket ground and the football pitches. It's so pleasant being in the countryside and that made Bradfield different from all the other schools.

What has your Bradfield experience been like since you joined?

I was actually a day pupil in Faulkner's. The idea of boarding was scary at first but I found myself staying almost every other night because there was so much on from the minute pupils wake up right up until bedtime. When I joined the senior House I decided to become a full boarder to get the most out of my experience.

After achieving 10 A* grades at GCSE, what has the transition to the IBDP been like?

The IB was then the perfect option for me. I was not too sure what I wanted to pursue in the future because I enjoy many of my subjects. With the IB I get to do extra subjects, have a busy timetable and have more interaction with teachers which has been really helpful. I am getting the time to find what it is that I really want to do as right now I am studying High Level Chemistry, High Level Biology, High Level English Literature, Maths, French and English.

What else are you involved in at Bradfield?

Over the years, I have been involved in football (representing Bradfield and ISFA), tennis, golf and cricket. Now I’m focussed on just hockey and I'm currently on the England Player Pathway.

That is the best thing about Bradfield. The amount of things you can get involved in here and the sports tours that I have had the opportunity to go on have been incredible. If you have a passion for something, Bradfield are really good at pushing you to pursue that.

What is the most challenging thing about Bradfield?

Definitely learning to manage your time. Making sure that you are happy so that your sport is good and your academic grades are good as well and prioritising those in the right way.

The IB has really helped me with the time management. I would never have managed to balance all the things that I'm doing now without having been through the IB programme.

What are your plans beyond Bradfield?

I want to go to university but I’m not sure what I’ll be studying yet. I’m taking off-syllabus lessons in Chemistry and my Extended Essay subject is Biology because I enjoy the sciences. I have always wanted to be a lawyer so maybe once I have found my subject I'll do a law course afterwards.

Tom Houston (F) - Fifth Form (YEar 11)

What was your Faulkner’s year experience like?

Being in the Faulkner’s House was a great experience. The atmosphere in the house is so friendly; it made the place feel like home. Boarding with girls and boys was unique and was like having brothers and sisters. I really enjoyed the way that pupils are encouraged to get involved in lots activities from the beginning. Having something to do all the time really helped with the homesickness because I had not boarded at school before I came here.

What was it about Bradfield that made you decide to enrol here?

There were many reasons why I chose Bradfield. I really liked the Music Department when I visited and I liked the fact that Rugby was not a sport on offer, as I did not enjoy it at Prep School. I also liked the flexible option of whether to board or not. I chose to board because of all the evening clubs that were on offer so I knew that I would get a lot out of the boarding experience.

Outside of the classroom, what have you been involved in during your first two years here?

Music is really my passion so it has been great to have the opportunity to enter many competitions and to join lots of bands and groups. I also got involved in quite a lot of sport last year, especially Hockey. It is something that I have continued to do this year and I am now part of the U15A team. I also enjoyed doing a bit of Art.

Have you enjoyed getting involved in a variety of different musical experiences at Bradfield?

I really have. I went to the Spring Concert and performed with the Faulkner’s Choir. I was also involved in Bradfield’s The Voice competition last year. I performed a rendition of Justin Beiber’s Love Yourself in the final with my guitar and a loop pedal. I was not expecting to win the competition being a Faulkner’s pupil but I was really proud of myself when they announced that               I had won.  

I also sang in the Rock Concert, which was another enjoyable experience as I got to perform in the Greek Theatre.

What GCSEs are you studying and what you would like to do in the future?

I am taking Triple Science, Additional Maths as well as Maths and English. I am also taking Geography, French, Latin and Music. I am really enjoying Music but I am also really into Chemistry.  

I really want to keep developing my skills as a musician. The prize for winning The Voice was to go to a recording studio in London and record an EP which was a really good experience.

The teachers here are so great at helping me to improve. Mr Mountford has helped me to enter a song writing competition and the prize for winning that is playing at Wembley, which will be a dream come true.