An Education for Life

A Bradfield Education is an Education for Life

'confident, open-minded and resilient young people who inquire, communicate and innovate'
Confidence Inquiry
Open-mindedness Communication
Resilience Innovation

A Bradfield education acts as a bridge to a life lived without boundaries. As our pupils move into an exciting but uncertain future, we nurture the ability to adapt the knowledge of the past to that future and foster the skills and attitude that will help our pupils confront the challenges it brings with confidence.

Bradfield seeks to develop attributes that will enable pupils to thrive personally and professionally. We encourage pupils to understand the world around them and their place within it. In the same way, Bradfield itself continually looks forwards and outwards, embracing new opportunities whilst remaining true to its values.

We are delighted to welcome our alumni back to the College and to record their successes in all walks of life. They include people who have made their mark in numerous different fields, from the sciences to the arts, from politics to sport, from the business world to the church, and from the media to the military.