The Chapel at Bradfield is integral to the life and ethos of the College. All pupils attend Chapel services as part of their weekly programme with some choice given to the services they attend.

Each term the College gathers for services marking major festivals in the Christian year including Harvest Festival, Christmas Carols and Ash Wednesday.

The Chapel also plays an integral part in College traditions. For example, we celebrate St Andrew’s Day, our patron saint, every year with a service followed by a fireworks display. There is also a service given in the Greek Theatre at our Handshaking event where we officially welcome our new Faulkner’s (Year 9s).

Pupils play an active role in the Chaplaincy. We have a pupil chapel committee consisting of a pupil representative from every House. Each House leads at least one Chapel service every year. The Leavers Compline service sees pupils in the Upper Sixth give reflections on their time at the College.

The College is an Anglican Foundation and services in the Chapel reflect the Anglican tradition, but other denominations and faith groups are welcome at the College.

Throughout the year, the Chapel is also used for christenings, weddings and memorial services for Old Bradfieldians (OBs).

Please contact the Chaplain if you would like any more information.

The College Grace

BENEDIC NOBIS DOMINE DEUS atque iis donis Tuis quae de Tua largitate sumus sumpturi, per Jesum Christum Dominum Nostrum. AMEN

AGIMUS Tibi gratias, Omnipotens Deus, pro his et universis donis Tuis, quae de Tua largitate accepimus, Qui vivis et regnas et es Deus in saecula saeculorum.



BLESS US, LORD GOD and these thy gifts which we are about to receive from they bounty, through Jesus Christ Our Lord. AMEN

WE GIVE thee thanks Almighty God for these and all they gifts which we have received of thy bounty, who livest and reignest, and art God for ever and ever. AMEN

The Chaplain

The Chaplain works to enable the spiritual development of the whole Bradfield community. This encompasses the pupils and their families, teaching and support staff and OBs – whatever their faith or belief.

The Chaplain encourages the pupils to meet with other like-minded people to discuss their faith and pray together. The chaplain visits every House at least once a term to do prayers. The hope is that they will feel able to share their spirituality with the rest of the community to enhance College life.

The Chaplain is part of the pastoral network within the College and is available at any time to help pupils and staff. Sometimes pupils will call on him unprompted, but it is common that the Housemaster, Housemistress or parent seeks his help with a pupil. This is appropriate when matters are of a moral or spiritual nature, or in cases of family break-up, sickness or bereavement. The Chaplain can also provide a different perspective from many other people at Bradfield, which can be very useful when youngsters are facing personal difficulties.

History of the Chapel

The Chapel was opened in 1903 by the Bishop of Oxford at Commemoration. Previously, the College used the parish church, St Andrew’s, located the other side of the Quadrangle with local residents.

However, it was judged that the sermons did not meet the needs of either group so the decision was made to build a chapel specifically for the boys at the College.