13+ Procedure

We understand that choosing a school for your child is time-consuming and sometimes stressful so we have tried to make the process here at Bradfield College as simple, informative and enjoyable as possible. The admissions process is the same for both UK and international applicants.

Families are welcome to visit as many times as they wish but we recommend you follow the following route:

Stage 1 - Join us for an introductory Saturday morning tour

Prospective parents are welcome to join us for a Saturday Morning Tour. These take place most Saturdays in term time and are an opportunity to see the College on a typical school day.

Places are limited so that everyone can have an individual tour with a pupil before joining the Headmaster for lunch. Parents should contact the Admissions Team to book a visit.

Stage 2 - Registration

If you decide to proceed with an application after your initial tour, you will need to complete our Provisional Entry Form and return this to our Admissions office.

Stage 3 - Admissions interview

This normally takes place on set afternoons in the Summer Term of Year 6 or in the Michaelmas Term of Year 7, although later applications will of course be considered. Prior to the interviews we will request a detailed reference from the Head of your child’s current school.

  • Admissions Interview - (20-30 minutes). This aims to understand how well your child will fit into Bradfield and what she or he will be able to contribute to the academic life of the College. Pupils are asked to bring a piece of recent academic work of their choice with them to the interview, which will act as a starting point for discussion. We will also talk to your child about their other interests and skills.
  • Housemistress or Housemaster Interview - (20-30 minutes). This interview builds on the previous interview establishing how well your child is suited to the College.

Stage 4 - iseb common pre-test

All candidates will be asked to take the ISEB (Independent Schools’ Examination Board) Common Pre-Test in their Prep School in November of Year 7, in addition to the Admissions Interviews. Pupils who are not at a Prep School will be invited to take the test at Bradfield.

Stage 5 - offer of a place - February year 7

Following Stages 1-4 we will consider whether we can make your child an offer. This is done in consultation with the Admissions interviewer and with the relevant Housemaster or Housemistress, and also takes into consideration the reference from your child’s current school, and their performance in the Common Pre-Test.

House Choice – if a place is available in your first choice House then your child will be offered a House place. If not, or you have not decided on a House, the offer will be for a Central Place, after which you will be invited to visit more houses during the Summer Term of Year 7.

Scholarships and bursaries

Year 7 – please let us know if you would like to enter your child for a particular scholarship (the deadline for Sports Scholarship applications is June of Year 7), or to apply for a bursary.

Year 8Scholarship application deadline is January of Year 8. Bursary Deadline is 31 October of Year 8.

Stage 6 - Entrance tests (year 8)

All candidates take one of the following tests:

Bradfield Entrance Tests - January of Year 8 for pupils coming from overseas, or who are not at a Prep School

Common Academic Scholarship - February of Year 8

Common Entrance - June of Year 8

Optional appointment with the Headmaster

At any point in the whole admissions process (from before a Saturday visit to after an offer has been made) parents are most welcome to book an individual appointment with the Headmaster, Dr. Christopher Stevens. This is entirely optional and is not part of the formal admissions process.

If you have any queries about the admissions process, please do not hesitate to contact one of our Admissions team on 0118 964 4516.